Austerity is my new jam!

7:01 PM

A trip to Canada, a sale at Holt Renfrew, and the discovery of Kit+Ace along with AYR have left me in a bit of a budget conundrum. The solution...3 months of austerity.

I can be very all or nothing when it comes to most things. If the house is clean I can keep it clean, but the minute one item is out of place it is all over. A sucker for sales, shopping is no different. Right now it seems like everything is on sale. The answer to my problems is to take a break from spending.

But...just in case other folks aren't in the same boat, here are some of my favorite recent buys + sales.

Home Decor:
Jayson Home + Garden is up to 50%. One of my favorite spots for inspiration and unique decor.
I really want this book (how cute on a coffee table):

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is having their floor sample sale, which is where I snagged these two awesome wooden carved candlesticks. Don't worry I am spray painting the large black candle holder gold shortly. I have had my eye on them for over a year but over 50% off ($19 each) was enough to convince me now was time to act.

Kit + Ace is first among my 3 new clothing line discoveries. Touting "performance cashmere" their clothing is incredibly flattering, easy to wear, and feels like wearing butter (which actually sounds sort of uncomfortable). I bought this and this.

AYR had a really nice sale recently and I came away with a few key pieces to go with skinnies and flats for work and weekends. This, this, and this are part of my new uniform.

While I amy not be shopping for awhile, I wish all of you luck in your purchases! Wish me luck with my new capsule wardrobe + no spend lifestyle.

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