Colorblock Rose Gold Planter DIY

2:12 PM

I love rose gold and mixing metals. In the main room of our house we have brass, chrome, and rose gold accents throughout. After doing the interior of our china cabinet, I felt like the entire space needed a bit more pop and inspired me to spray paint an old candleholder rose gold...but I didn't stop there.

Standing tall next to our china cabinet is a "no-kill" plant (I am unintentionally putting it to the test). However, the planter is kind of "meh." It is a wicker style that was previously a bathroom waste basket I repurposed as a planter. With my trusty can of leftover rose gold spray paint I decided to add a little sparkle to a fairly dull corner.

What you need:
  • spray paint (you can use regular paint and a brush, but it can be hard to get the paint application even)
  • painters tape or masking tape
  • paper towel, newspaper, trashbags, etc. something to block the paint to create the crisp line
  • planter (think outside the box on this. Waste baskets or even large bowls could be a great alternative and can be found cheaply at a used goods store like salvation army)

Step 1: Using the painters tape and paper towel (or similar) mark off the portion of the planter that you do not want painted. This might take a few attempts before you get the lines even. You could also try creating a zigzag pattern.

Step 2: Prep the area where you will spray paint 

Step 3: Following the directions on can apply a thin layer (maybe two)

Step 4: Remove the painter's tape and paper towel. You are done (well after it dries)!

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