Shabby Chic Nautical Nursery - An Interview in the 9th Month

5:30 PM

I am incredibly excited because my best friend of over 15 years is expecting a little boy any day now! She has impeccable style and I knew I had to enlist her for some insights on how she decorated the nursery and a few pregnancy tid bits.

Haleigh + her groom on their wedding day! So beautiful. You can see more from their wedding here.
Copyright Heather Cook Elliot Photography. 
What are your favorite elements of the nursery?
I love the soft blue and white color palette and the subtle nautical accents. My husband and I both love the water so we hope that the nursery will be the perfect introductory haven for our soon-to-be newborn.

For one of my showers (hosted by Melinda of Peony and Grahams! See it here), a few of my girlfriends came up with the idea to source a life preserver, monogram it, and have family and friends leave sweet messages for Baby D. It is memorable and a perfectly nautical addition to the nursery!

Last but certainly not least, I found a roll of whale wrapping paper while out shopping one day and knew I had to somehow incorporate it into Baby D's room. While texting back and forth with Melinda one Sunday, she suggested I try applying it as a backdrop to the built-in bookcase. It adds the perfect pop of color and whimsy element, and makes a cozy, yet light and airy backdrop for favorite childhood books given to us by our closest family and friends.

Do you have any advice for soon-to-be moms?
Enjoy every second! You will feel the need to read every baby book and blog out there, but at the end of the day, it is the joyous anticipation of your baby's arrival that will carry you throughout pregnancy and beyond. Focus on the happy feelings as humans have been giving birth and raising children for centuries, so you and your partner will figure it out too. Designing a nursery is only the beginning!

A personal favorite as a schnauzer owner would this mini-schnauzer lovey.

What is one thing you've learned along the way?
Don't overbuy before your baby arrives! From the time you see the second pink line (no matter how faint it is!) to the onset of labor, you're going to be bombarded by advice (some solicited, a lot unsolicited!) and ads claiming that you will never get a full night's sleep without this latest gadget. Being first-time parents, we (ok, I) bought into a lot of what I heard and read. As Baby D's due date got closer (only a few days to go!), I realized that we would be better off waiting until he actually gets here to see what he likes, doesn't like, etc. Not all babies are going to love the mamaRoo! It will be a time period of trial and error, but better to get to know your baby and their personality so that you can tailor your purchases to fit his/her needs, than experience frustration when that lifesaver item turns out to not be a lifesaver, after all

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