Simple Jewelry Organization DIY

11:30 AM

Jewelry multiplies! One day I have 4 necklaces and the next I am up to 10. Some are gifts, some are heirlooms from my family, and others are random items I have accumulated over the years (who knows how). I think a chunk have come from JCrew or Anthropologie during big sales.

Recently I looked at the piles and decided it was time to act. That is how this DIY came about!

What you will need:

  • A piece of wood cut to the size you need based on how much jewelry you have and the spot on your home for your newly organized jewelry
  • Fabric to cover the wood
  • A series of drawer pulls and knobs
  • An electric drill and drill bit fit with 3/16" drill bit (typical pull/knob size)
  • Nails or fish eye hooks for earrings and smaller items
  • Staple gun or duct tape

  1. I started as I always do with my simple chic principle (more here too)...go through your jewelry and put it into piles. Normally when cleaning out/organizing I have a love pile and an everything else pile, but for jewelry I give myself 3 piles - love, everything else, and family heirlooms. 
  2. The heirloom pile is what you don't see hidden inside the prada boxes. I love to save pretty and well made boxes. They often come in handy and are pretty easy to come by especially on vacation (I use a Lauduree macaroon box from a trip to Paris to hold more jewelry).
    The give away pile goes to friends or salvation army. 
  3. On top of the dresser in my closet is a big spot perfect for a "vanity" and after taking rough measurements I bought a piece of leftover wood from a local hardware store. The piece of wood I used was 1/2in. thick (anything around 1/2in will work). I think most hardware stores will cut wood to any size.
  4. Looking at the amount of jewelry I had to organize I purchased a series of knobs and pulls. Mine were from the sale bin at Anthropologie. 
  5. Lay the fabric over the wood and attach it (I used a staple gun). If you don't have a staple gun you could also use duct tape. 
  6. Before drilling the holes for the hooks I placed the jewelry on the wood and decided on the ideal placement. I marked it with a permanent marker on the fabric in a small dot.
  7. I drilled holes for the pulls/knobs and then screwed them into place. 
  8. For the littler items such as earrings or bracelets I hammered in nails and screwed in the fish eye hooks.
  9. The last step is putting up your jewelry and you are done!
Everything else that is laid out on my "vanity" are things I loved. The boxes holding the remaining jewelry have special memories attached to them. Same with the little dishes I use to hold the few really delicate items that I don't want to hang up.

Getting dressed is much easier now that my favorite items are out and within easy reach. I have seen similar looks with one tray to keep things contained or including a display of unique perfume bottles. All of these sound great to me, whatever starts your morning off right. Plus looking at these beautiful items in this special semi-girly space always starts me off with a smile. 

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  1. Super cute idea! Love saving space.

    Stay fab,

    1. In a small house and closet it is pretty critical!


  2. Very cute. I like the way you think. It's a simple but pretty way to store jewerly! :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Thanks so much! It has been nice when getting dressed to see all of my options too. Do you have a lot of jewelry?