Date Night...Well Date Cocktail Hour

12:03 PM

When my parents were first married they would wait until after 11pm when there was no cover at the infamous Pump Room in Chicago, get dressed up, and go dancing/have a drink. I always thought that idea was 1) romantic and 2) totally brilliant. Like most people in their early 20s (they married pretty young) they were trying to stick to a budget, but still wanted to go out and enjoy the city.

My hubby and I have been meaning to actually go to the newly renovated Pump Room and hopefully will do a date there this winter. In the interim we have been going on the perfect dates... a drink or two at a new pub or bar before going home for a late dinner. While austerity is my new jam, you may be wondering why we don't go out to eat on dates like most people. There are seveal reasons why I prefer this:
1) I LOVE cooking so for me I still get to make a meal and eat at our dining room table, but also enjoy going out for a bit.
2) As a Celiac eating out can often be more stress than fun. We both travel and have to eat out a fair amount anyways. Yay cross contamination fears - eeeek,
3) There is something old school and romantic about going to a bar for a drink. I picture women in the 20s dressed in gorgeous and liberating fashion sitting in darkened corners having fun and slightly risque conversations or scenes like in White Christmas where a couple is in their finest dancing to a band at a nightclub. Side note: I am literally watching White Christmas right now as I type this. 

So far my two favorite spots for a date are:
The Red Lion - gorgeous and has a true British pub feel including fireplaces and comfy old chairs. It always makes us reminisce about our trips to London and Ireland. 

Chicago Atheltic Association - Before it sat vacant and then re-opened as a hotel, I would visit Santa here as a child. The space is gorgeous and so old school Chicago. We love to cozy up on a couch in the lobby and get a drink or play bocce in the sports bar area. I usually win...No Big!

Joanna at Cup of Jo has this brilliant idea where she meets her husband out at their date location to really make it feel special and fresh. We haven't done that yet, but would be a lot of fun to try. 

What are you favorite date activities?

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