Well It Has Been Awhile...

8:46 PM

Hello there-

I LOVE fall! It is in a neck and neck competition for my favorite season with spring. Fall to me is a time to hunker down and prepare for the winter while still enjoying the outside. All those things I have let slide over the spring and summer become a focus. To use a classic example, I become a squirrel gathering nuts for the long hard winter. This blog is a perfect example. Despite how much I enjoy it, I have allowed it to fall (get it) by the wayside, but no more!

It has been a bit since we connected and by a bit I mean almost 10 months. A fair amount has happened in that time so I thought I would share a few things. Expect some posts with a lot more detail in weeks to come!

  • We took a fantastic trip to Berlin at Christmas
  • Bought a new house and sold our old house
  • Did a ton of work on the new house.
  • Decorated the new house.
  • Have started picking up how to actually play video games (I miss the simpler days of Super Nintendo or even Atari)
  • Have been loving the farmer's market and trying some new recipes
  • Finally got Fritz (the puppy) potty trained. Fritz has been through a bunch of trainings and I am hoping to get him certified to act as a therapy dog so we can volunteer. 
  • Planned a new fall capsule wardrobe using the Cladwell app (mixed thoughts on that one)
  • And tons more with lots of time spent with family and friends
How has your Spring and Summer gone? Excited to catch up!

Many thanks Michael for taking such awesome family photos! Copyright Michael R. Schmidt from Day1Weddings

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